STUDIO OUTPUT (24.11.2010)

Studio Output is a team of creative artists all working on each medium. This independently owned company was formed by three partners in 2002, based in Nottingham and has developed a second base in London. The company has grown from the three original founders, to a team of seventeen diverse members. I think it is a great idea for each medium to group together to collaborate as I think that like Jon Burgerman found, a whole range of products can be created from scratch.

The company started of with smaller jobs which in turn, each lead on to bigger and better things. For example, their first commissions involved working for local clubs in Nottingham which they designed and produced fliers to advertise the clubs' events. This then lead on to working through the music industry, which lead onto working for festivals; this then, more importantly lead on to working for the BBC.


They impressively designed the website for Radio One; I think this is very significant because of the success and scale of the BBC as a company in general. I think the look of the website is very clean, and has a very up to date feel about it. I like the use of colour on the site, they have almost themed each page, but they have maintained a set layout and styling.

For each presenter/DJ on the show, an individual ident has been made to capture some of the person's character. I find these work well because they are so simple, yet they have just enough visual information about the person to give you an idea of what their show might be like, as well as their personality. Each ident also has it's own personalized font for the person's name to which I think this is a great touch. I think this could have been over manipulated, but I think they have done just the right amount of work to the fonts; there is still a set style for the entire collection, just the odd letter has been tweeked.

For example, Fearne Cotton's font works really well for her, I like how they have curved the letters to give a more feminine feel about the name. Compared to Jo Whiley's name font, I would say that she is more of a gossip girl.

Some of their most recognizable work has been with the company Playstation. They have been involved in some big projects for the company. For example, they designed the logo along with other things for the best seller "Little Big Planet" as seen above. I think that from the work included in this post so far, I would definitely say that their branding is mainly aimed at a younger audience such as teenagers to young adults as I find their work quirky, fun and colourful. I think the logo design for the game is just right; I think it captures the nature of the game very well.

Another project they are working on at the moment is for the Playstation Move that they are releasing soon. They have designed all the advertisement for the product as well as the packaging, etc. Above is an example of some of the work they have already completed. I think this works well as it is very clean and includes a very shiny-new feel to it. I think that their advertisement that I saw during the lecture will work very well in encouraging people to purchase the customer because of the fresh approach to branding the products.

They also designed all of the animation for the Playstation 3, but unfortunately this work is not yet released, so I cannot reference it.

Cadbury's Wispa comeback campaign was also designed and launched by this company. I like how simple the design work is; it revolves around the original branding for the chocolate bar, so it is eye catching and recognizable as Wispa. The text on the advertisement also speaks well with the viewer as it is to the point; it is also a topical subject that the majority of the country will recognize and understand - this is why I think this particular advertisement works so well for the product when for others potential products, it wouldn't work at all as it wouldn't make any sense to the viewer.

The company's next move is looking into working within interior design; like Jon Burgerman, they are trying to branch out and create new products and services to offer their clients. I think this similarity backs up what I have said about the importance of collaboration with other artists.

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