JOE CORNISH (08.12.2010)

Joe Cornish specializes in landscape photography, which I usually wouldn't look at as I don't particularly favour this genre. However, I think that these images have been produced really well. I think they are visually attractive because of their colour casts; I think this adds a soft fantasy feel to them and remind me of how heaven is depicted with the pale blue and pink tones across the clouds. I think Joe Cornish has selected some interesting scenes to photograph as they hold good visual texture like in this first example.

I also find this photograph compelling as I think this scene is another example of a picturesque and I also like the symmetry of the piece. I don't feel that his work really says a lot other than being visually attractive images; they don't have any visual communication or connection with the viewer. I could see these images being used in frames as example pieces in shops like IKEA.

I like the colours in this image as I feel they compliment each other well. I think the shapes and lines in this image is what makes this image interesting. I like how there are different elements with the frame. The line created by the water's edge works as an effective way to break up the image; without it I think there would have been too much block colour and texture of just sand. I think the rocks in the image look good because of there positioning; whether or not the photographer has done this himself, or if this is just natural alignment, I don't know. I like how these rocks are only in the water because it appears to be deliberate.
For this image, I find that it works because of the grass in the image and the way it is broken up by the sand. This grass element is crucial to this image as it is the most interesting factor within the composition; this is because of the visual texture included for the eye to take in. I also find the sun set in the background works well because it draws the eye through the image.
I like this image for similar reasons to the second image; they are obviously a like - maybe a set. I think I prefer this image because it has a lighter feel to it. I like how pure the water looks within the composition. The rocks add a good tonal range, and I think without it, the image could have looked pretty flat. The only visual message that I could probably make from this image, is maybe about being free; the water flows into the distance and looks free spirited. I find this a very forced meaning to create from the image however, so I don't find this to be a very strong or meaningful message.

Overall, I would say that I don't like this work as much as the other artists I have looked at because I don't find they really 'speak' to me visually. I find this makes the images, in my eyes, unsuccessful. The only thing I can see these images being used for is solely to sell to people as art work. I can't see this work evolving into something new or into a different project; so to me, in comparison to the other artists, I would say that they are much more successful.

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