Test Shots.

For my test shots I wanted to use a product inside the cups, but the only access to a product, would mean I had to purchase one. I therefore decided that for the purpose of my test shots, said product could stay put in the cups I bought them in. They also doubled up as research pieces, and meant my cups wouldn't get messy from the purchased beverage.

Include Product.
For my images, I want to use a product like the one I used in my test shots, as I liked both the texture of the froth, and the way it contrasted with the white inside of the cup. I also think this fits the brief in the aspect of showing how their products can be used. I considered using a square formatted image, but the brief isn't completely clear as to whether this would be an acceptable format. I therefore am going to stick to standard formatting. I really like the image below and is one of the ones I'd like to re-create. However, I do not think it would be as effective in a standard format. I could use the concept but would have to recompose the shot with different angles.

Including Some Background Information.
I tried to produce an example that included some background information, but I aimed to avoid a busy backdrop as the important part of the image is the actual product. I used an aperture of 1.8 to get the blurred effect. I think this helps keep the focus on the subject. I like the effect it gives with the shallow depth of field.

Alternative Square Format Example.
I produced a second image from the previous photograph before I decided against using anything other than a standard sizing. This shows the difference between having more or less background 'information'. I like the colours more in this second image as I think they compliment each other better. I think I may go back to Costa to do my shoot instead of using the studio. If I have time I will also take photographs in the studio in addition to the ones in Costa.

Images Including Accessories.
I like these images because of the dark background. It gives a good contrast to the product and makes it more dynamic. It reminds me of the images by Edward Weston where his images also showed a dark backdrop. I like the second shot the best out of theses two, but the content may look better visually if it was lightened slightly. I like the texture of the corrugated cups, as I think it adds to the overall look visually. I think I will try to reproduce 

Uniformed, Documentary Style 
This image, again reminds me of Edward Weston's work because it had a uniformed, documentary feel to it. It has a similar use of space around the edge and has a dark background like the images he created. I feel this is one of my strongest test shots and I would like to re-create it in my shoot. Again, I like the texture and contrast of the cup, this is due to the lighting and actual shape of the product.

Overall I think I created some good images in during my test shoot, and I would like to try and recreate a few of them as well as trying out some new ideas talked about in my initial mind map. The main new concept I would like to try is movement.

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