I was disappointed with the amount of information on the company's actual website. Currently, there is a limited amount of text to go along side the food-service section of their website that the paper cups feature in, the only bit that really stood out was that they want their products to reflect the same high quality of the product inside them.

They also have a very limited amount of photographs on their website of their paper cup products, so it's hard to define a definite style they like; but on the plus side, any style I use will be a fresh look for the company. The only current photos of the selected product are the ones below:

The image I prefer out of the two is the cups on their own as the other is a little busy in the background; making it distracting from the actual product. It also doesn't really show the product in it's typical use - as it looks more like a house than say a business cantine; which I feel is a more typical use. I think the first image also looks better with less; or nothing, in the background as it looks more professional for their website. I shall try to keep my backgrounds as simple as possible. I think I will use a wide aperture if possible to also 'force' the focus of the image onto the product.

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