Introduction to Capturing a Cup.

For this assignment we have two days to produce and submit a minimum of three images into a competition run by and for a company called Huhtamaki. All of my work for this assignment is to be recorded, evidenced and analysed on this blog.

The company running the competition, produce plastic and paper packaging for food and beverages sold by other companies. The product I am looking at are paper cups that allow customers to take hot beverages out of their local cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other catering facilities, away with them. The images will be used by the company in a variety of ways for their food service trade PR and advertising activities.

The aim of this assignment is to create creative and striking shots that show the use of their different paper cup products. These cups can be used for a variety of beverages ranging from your basic coffee, tea and hot chocolate, to their more fancy and indulgent versions - and even smoothies or milkshakes; but mainly hot drinks. The cups allow you to take the products away from their stores and stalls, which makes life easier for people on the go such as customers wanted to get their caffine kick-start in the morning on the way to work. The cups also include plastic lids that help prevent any spillages as well as cup holders which make multiple purchases easier to carry.

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